Awestruck by feminine fire

I am awe struck by your beauty.
Your beauty is all of you.
Every little dark nook and cranny.
Are different parts of the radiant diamond that you are.
Yes! Don’t ever hold back any piece of you.
Never compromise.
You are the light of the world!
You are power manifest.
Burn the world with your fire!
Melt the hearts of the sleeping with your passion!
Awaken the dead with your zest!
Let your laughter roar to the heavens and shake the angels out of the sky.
Be deadlier than night and more ferocious than the darkest beast in hell.
Shine the spotlight of your heart onto your highest ideal.
And let the tears flood the rivers of life with the vengeful sting that burns in your heart.
You are ALIVE.
Let the stars and planets know.
Sing with the gleeful happiness that is dying to fill your being.
Throw all your inhibitions to the wind.
Throw yourself into the mindless passion of allowing God to fill your entire essence.
Overflow your dream with delight and wild abandon.
You are Kali.
You are the wild hurricanes that destroy all stagnation.
You are the out-of-control forest fires that destroys the old to nourish the new.
Set yourself on fire.
Burn from within.
Never turn back.
And explode yourself in the ecstasy of full passion.
You are my passion.
You are my love.

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