Casting smiles

What if there were really one truth

And that all that seemed to be

Laughed at the nightmare

We thought that was

Truth isn’t as hard to grasp

As I once believed it was

For in essence ‘tis nothing

But the fall of creation

Glimpsing the rise of destruction

Terrorizing the pain that kept you entrained

Busting free from shackles

Imposed on you by the density of the dream

Nothing is freer than the truth

That your Self loves to be vulnerable and safe

And that in truth there is no fear of loss

That loss decries only a cry in the wind

From heaven to that which bounds

A slate of news

Foresaken alone from the song that come down from the rain

Dreams gone and come

Not for worry or thought

That the rain pours silk and sand

Into the eyes of the forgotten

A dust from a petal

Melted in heaven

Forged in the earth

Crafted by my hands

Casting a shadow into the light of the morning rays

No truth goes unrevealed

That deafening tone that rings so deep within the soul of every movement

Guards it’s words against human ears

Never, ever leading to anything remotely useful to the ambitions of humans

Only peace

Guides the soul

From burden

To love

Free dream my friend

Dream free my child

Laugh among the storks

And cast smiles upon the lands that smile back.


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