Perfect image

The look of longing in your eyes

The curve of your lips

Filled with a desire to love

Your eyelashes tease the air

With the abyss of energy that resides in your eyes


Perfection in your features


How could this be?

A perfect image

A perfect form

In a world that is supposed to be imperfect.


Within you I feel the energy of the world

The desire to be ravaged by the depth that fills the interspaces of the universe


How mundane does the air feel in this heavy space

Bringing you away from the passion in your heart

That longs to explode

Like how a display of fireworks fills the black sky with dazzling light



A goddess posing as a human

Disguised by the normality of it all

But I can see through the illusion

That fools all those around


I see who you truly are

Despite the blind dullness

That puts everyone else to sleep


A longing in your eyes…

Alive and filled with the love that you are

Awaiting to be filled

By the presence that you have gifted me


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