Thank you for the times

I miss you



The battles we shared

The tears we shed

The songs we sang

The love we felt

The dances we celebrated

The play we rejoiced in

The late night conversations filled with giggles

The tickles we rolled in

The travels we ventured on

The moves we labored in

The stress we marched through

The crunches we barely made it past

The fine dinning we lavished in

The massages we relaxed in

The pictures we took

The people we met together

The adventures we went on

The crazy ideas we ran with

The conflict we moved through

The fights we raged in

The lovemaking so sweet

The stupidity that we got lost in

The books that moved us

The teachers and mentors that grew us

The changes that shook us

The storms that blew through us

The hurricanes that crashed past us

The dreams that we shared

The goals that we moved towards

The excitement that kept us smiling

Even all the sickness that we sludged through

The fears that we fought through

The concepts we hooked onto

The theories we tried and tested

The knowledge and power we grew into

The accidents we got through

The fights so terrible

The conversations so deep

The insights so profound

The truths we whispered so sweet

And the truths we shouted so painful

The lashings so severe

The emotions so intense

The power struggles so useless

The ridiculousness of our strife so painful… yet cute

And the tenderness so precious

The movies we cuddled up to

The cold winters we barely survived through

The successes we rejoiced in

The failures we cried through

The family feuds we cringed through

Our son that pushed us beyond all we could imagine

The love you and I share so deep

The love that flows beyond wells and the stars

Something deeper than all our shit

Something larger than all our ideals

Something that sings in my chest

And stings in my heart

That laments in my lost

That cries tears of joy when I see you smile

Something that is welling deep within

A love that moves to the beat of my heart


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