If I was given just another chance

To spear your heart with the danger of my rage

Burning your pretty face to ashes

And beheading your ugly mug


Sitting it on a stake

For the whole world to see

That I will eat the flesh off of any man

That dares threatens my family

I will chew the nose off of your face

And laugh to see you stumble into the wall

Blind with the pain of the physical torture


Every bone in your body

I will break

Smash to pieces

Will be my joy


And those ignorant to the dark truth

Will cringe at my words of violence

But the wild man in me destroys

With a vengeance


I am a violent natural storm

Spinning out of control to those who watch

While inside the centre of the storm smiles like the Buddha

Inner peace

Outer destruction


All in my path gets destroyed

The skies are darkened

Lighting from my mind

Casts the blinding light onto your hidden lies

Setting your notions in flames


Leaving your world destitute

Your home, your space

Everything you thought you knew



Devoured by my voracious appetite for destruction


Your will destroyed

The ugly truth of your stupidity revealed

The pain of your spewing half-truths

Your face covered in scars by my lashings


I smile from the sky

Deep is the fire within the furious ball in the sky


Blazing Sun

Violent Natural Storm

Thundering Current


Blaise is I


I kill

I love

I destroy

I create


So trigger finger is my death wish

I dare you to cross me

If you think I’m bluffing

Just test


Look in my eyes

You will see the mad fury of a storm brewing

And behind the flames

Lies the deepest peace

Of the universe present

Observing the storm in pure pleasure


The extremes explode

And blend into each other

Ravaging the essence in love beyond words

Passion and ecstasy unfound within human mind


So my spirit flies beyond

Through all the heart of man and women

Burning minds with truth

Revealing a pain so sharp

You cringe and try to hide


But the spotlight rests

On you

No room to hide

Nowhere to run


Cornered by the truth

Surrender now my beauty

So I can open you

Ravage you

Fuck you open beyond all withholdings

Beyond your strongest desire to hold on…

You will fall

And fall

And fall

In dark

In space beyond space

In pure pleasure

Nothing to grab

Nothing to hold

Only bliss

Losing everything


You will never die a better death

Passionate love making

Taking you to where you fear most


Out of control

Surrender has nothing on this…


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