The truth that hurts

I got seduced one day

From the Spirit to the Tree


I hung on the tree for one hundred years

With my feet tied up to the highest branch

Only inches from the ground

Did my fingers reach


Only years from the crown

Did my stylus preach

O, I dreamed the day would come

When the big father upstairs would rain


To cool my forehead of sweat

And drank my thirst away

Big clouds would pass day by day

And not one drop of water would melt


I cried and cried for so long

Drying my being inside and out

Thirsty and forsaken my fate

Lonely and drunken in fantasy


Yes I dream of thee

I dream of thee which ye ain’t

For yee can’t be what can’t be

Just like a tree shan’t be a frog


The whisper of the lake on my ear

When I remember walking by here

A sole song from the sky

Casting red die from so up high


I remember the story I wrote

Describing the stages of our vote

From single to married couple

We strayed…


Like two innocent dogs untamed

Playing and fighting for scraps

While a buffet fed the masses next to us

We fixated on dull and tame


And pain stretches deep in my heart

Echos of betrayal seduce my mind

Dreams of wrong-doing capture my heart

And torture it from my grace


I saw no future like this

Long time passed I only loved

And I cared only to love and love and love

And even again


For I sought a beauty to behold

Only so that I could exit

This unattainable urge to excite

The desire to give unrelenting


And you came to be my good grace

Fallen from a giant seascape

Off a wave from hither there

I saw not which way was horizon


To say nothing so clear

That I didn’t know how you did appear

Into my life you must of jumped

From a quiet clear night filled with stars


And each of those stars kept a secret

A dream unearthed and a heart untended

I prayed and I prayed for the loneliness to evaporate

And you promised me that escape


I cashed the farm

And stole from the bank

Realized my whole truth was a fake

Dreamt the craziest escape I had ever seen


And for what I don’t know…

My small mind seeks to make sense

Of the grace that God is hiding so well

Only hints like scents floating through a market


Hope to unveil a lingering laugh

That blends the ultimate hug

From the earth and up above

Singling out the ultimate human curse


Causing the unforeseen to move within

And drawing the rear horse’s head

Out of a mighty torent ye rise

To give way to my life’s biggest surprise


Within I did not know

That the only pain was so low

Beyond the tangible skin

And into the emotional fringe


And even if I do send this to you

And you read this far

I wonder why

I’d give this poem to you


To help inoculate the curse I’m speaking of

And a temporary band-aid would accomplish

The cure escape like water from my hand

Holding onto every drop


Desperately trying to keep it from dripping through my fingers

Hiding it from the sun to prevent evaporation

Thirsty as hell

But knowing that the few drops won’t help


Scared and afraid

That I’m really unloved

Scared and afraid

That the real truth hurts


And all the while I seek and I search

Pretending to really want to know

All the while knowing I’m in absolute surety

Crying because nothing hurts more

















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