Don’t Mistake

Don’t mistake my kindness for weakness

I may love you unconditionally

But don’t think for a minute I won’t hold back my truth

Even though it may break every last vestige of your cozy illusion


Don’t mistake my vulnerability for need

I may prefer to open you to God

While you stubbornly close, testing my resolve

But take heed that

I may not be around when you decide its convenient to open


Don’t mistake my support for comfort

For my depth will ground you in the deepest Spiritual truth

And uproot your comfortable falsehoods about pleasure and happiness


Don’t mistake my aggression for violence

For I’ll kill any man who dares sell his wares of ignorance

Disguised as freedom

Only shackling you further to the bottomless pit of meaningless emptiness


Don’t mistake my patience for waiting

I have a castle to build for my family

And an army to build for the people

Play the games you need to play

Take care not to get lost in the lies

For a moment lingered may be the moment of lost chance


Don’t mistake my openness for friendship

You’ve made your bid for freedom

And to the extent that your continue to fuck the lame

And conceive the purpose of the lost

My openness rests in compassion – but never in criminal partnership

I only shake hands with the devil to get close enough to behead him


Don’t mistake my strength for rudeness

Your reflection teaches me the truth

Through your actions my heart explodes with pain

Burning the last vestiges of unhealed wounds long past

I know the reason for all your doings – from me you can never hide

The least of my cares lies on your good books

I’m not here to be liked. I’m here to destroy the pretty man

My greatest bellow in crucifying the nice guy

I’ll set the world aflame with the wild knight


Don’t mistake my pain for collapse

Untruths have cleansed my soul – and now fire burns my kidneys

Erect, subtle, strong, vulnerable, open, and full to the brim

Desiring to empty it all into the world

Awaiting my death patiently


Don’t mistake my direction for control

I’ll free any woman whom I deem has the courage to be female

And fill her mouth with so much love that words melt like breath

Evaporating separation and the borders between here and there


Don’t mistake my stalking for manipulation

My lies from the past tortured my soul

My heart has shed fear of outcome

I stalk Power


Step into my sphere

If you dare

Feel the warmth of the blazing sun opening your chest like the inhale after being under water too long

Dream clear the light within the deepest blue eyes

Feel the surety of the earth’s drum beat under your feet

Allowing you to illuminate the heavens with your dance



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