Filling You

There’s one reason

That you and I both know

Beyond what we think about

Beyond what our minds tell us is how


That we’ve come together

Married and matched

Through a spiritual commitment

Wed by something beyond you or I


Only you and I can

Melt and break

Our mutual resistance to the truth of who we truly are

To the deepest recesses of our desires


Awakening each other when we sleep

Using whatever means necessary

Never settling for less than what we know

Is our combined power


Thus is our commitment

Made before time

By beings beyond who we think is us

To love – to open

Each other… no matter what


To open blissfully

In love to God

Touching the Divine

Embracing the essence within all things


Not even can our words

Nor even our thoughts

Least of all our imagination

Capture the truth of the ravishment to come


Dined by the Will of Truth

Extrapolated by the burning inferno of polarity

A feeling beyond all orgasmic pleasure thus experienced

An opening to the burning Light


Bountifully blissful in a glow

That will melt all sight from your eyes

All fear from your heart – evaporated

A giving of pure Love


Melting, Blending

Pure spiritual explosion

Hearts burning through our chests

Expanding to set the stars on fire


All time ceases

All sensation rests in “Just is”

A moment

Lasting infinity


Blazing every last refuge of our past hurts

Leaving only Ashes of destiny


To fertilize the reason for our being




Never ceasing

Living… full of life

Every nuance of light reflected off your glistening body

Ravished and fulfilled

Filled with peace and love…


At last


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