How beautiful you are

Open your armor

Let down your guard

Your true radiance will shine

Through the turmoil of the time

The stress

I feel

Resonate off your body

Is just a lingered memory

Of mistakes I once made

Be true

To the ring deep in your heart

The one covered by fear

The one that longs to say “yes”

While your mouth says “no”

Drink up the lavish truth

Of the bottomless well

That sits in your soul

Filled to the brim

With boundless pleasure

Awaiting to spill over

Trust my presence

It brings you freedom

To let your heart

Sing and dance

Like the mighty wave

Within your chest

That changes with each breath

Within my banks

Your wild river

Can roar and rage

Let out all that you hold back

So your rainbow can free itself

To let the entire word remember

Just how beautiful

You are


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