Intelligent Cooperation

“The nature of the female is that she brings forth from out of her own depths fragments of the unknown which it is the duty of the male to make practical upon the physical plane.  Because it is he who has the ability to reason out what the female has intuited.  To this effect the male must also apply his feeling to that which the female brings him, so that he can follow her, and in so doing, fathom the practicability of her gift.  In this way male and female together map our the unknown.

The female is not concerned with rational implications, and can therefore cover a huge expanse of the unknown rapidly, but superficially.  The female therefore works horizontally.  The male, on the other hand, perforce has to fathom out the implications of everything encountered, and as a result moves slower than the female, but at a much greater depth.  Therefore the male works vertically.  However, both breadth and depth are required in mapping out the unknown, and to this effect male and female need each other’s specialized abilities.  This mutual need is the basis of intelligent cooperation.”

From Cry of the Eagle,  By Theun Mares


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