"We have to lose balance to find our center. It's not in a relationship, not in another person, place, or circumstance but right here within this constantly changing body and mind that we have to find home."  -  Aleya


 “The masculine error is to live life as if it is going somewhere

fundamentally different from this very moment. It is not. Life in this

moment is as deeply fulfilling and free as you are able to be, right

now.  And the same is true of every moment.”  –  David Deida

Conscious relationships

The biggest mistake people in relationships make is that they relate to the other person’s mind and body, rather than their essential being.

Of course this mistake can’t be avoided until we stop identifying with our own mind and body. Only when we begin to embody our true essence can this even begin. This happens when you just feel the world around you, and feel your body and mind, rather than getting hooked to it. When you judge the world, your body, your mind, other people, then you hook your awareness to these forms and miss the essence within them. Only when you detach this hook can you begin to feel other people’s hearts – and from there begin to love them for their essence.

When you relate to another person’s mind, you are in fact relating only to their mental position. And provided you share the same mental position, then you will agree. But agreeing on a mental position is not really love. It’s agreement. And if you don’t agree with their mental position, then conflicts, arguments, emotions and pain arise. All this drama is the mind’s addictive tendencies to keep it’s mental positions intact.

To live a conscious relationship you must relinquish the false idea that you are your mind. You must move beyond the identification that you are your past, your name, your surroundings, your situation. The true you is none of that. The true you is pure being. Your being is life itself. You are nothing more than a manifestation of life force. Just like a tree, an animal, an insect. That is what is deep inside you.

By FEELING through your mind and your body’s distractions into the other person’s heart and being – conscious relationship happens.

– Blaise