How to Accomplish The Impossible in 7 Steps

I’m writing this post because I’ve decided to accomplish what seems impossible, totally unconventional, and what many people would consider crazy.
At the present moment, I won’t share what this new direction is… however I will outline the steps that I am using in order to accomplish this. Enjoy. – Blaise

Impossibility Dissolution Step #1:

Don’t lose sight of the deeper goal.

While we mostly pursue material and superficial goals in business, our social or family life or attaining our own personal desires. It’s important to remember what the deeper spiritual goal of each one of us is. Which is enlightenment. Enlightenment is nothing more than living your day to day doings while being grounded in the essential truth that you are a spirit being incarnating in the physical reality. Also, in enlightenment you know that all forms are subject to impermanence. So while you can enjoy each form you happen to experience in any given moment, you are not attached to it.

So while you, or I, move towards accomplishing anything, be it impossible or not, remember the deeper purpose.

Impossibility Dissolution Step #2:

Take the necessary ACTIONS to practice realizing Step #1

If you’re like me, it is easy to get caught up doing, doing, doing. And soon enough as I begin to feel short on time, my spiritual practices can begin to lose their priority. If you compromise your spiritual and health practices because of getting caught up in believing you have limited time and other doings are a higher priority – then you are making a BIG MISTAKE. And you will NEVER accomplish the impossible. To even consider approaching the impossible with the goal accomplishing it, you’ve got to be able to channel a much higher vibration and energy than what is required to accomplish the possible.

Impossibility Dissolution Step #3:

Find Your Map

There are a million different paths that lead to the same place. Even the impossible has an inconceivable number of variable routes to it. But for you, and for me, there is but ONE path to take. You’ve got to find that one path that will lead you there. You’ve got to FEEL it out. Look at your options. It’s kind of like deciding where to go by putting a bunch of maps on a table, closing your eyes and dropping your finger on wherever feels best. Examine each option you have to accomplish the impossible. Maybe you can take this road. Or maybe you can take a longer road, but stay with some friends along the way. Or maybe it’s best to go somewhere off the road but in the general direction to pick up some work to help pay for your way there. You’ll know you’ve found the way once you begin to feel motivated and inspired and passionate about getting moving. Once you jump up and start packing. Or maybe for you, your map doesn’t require you to pack anything, so you just jump up and walk out the door.

Impossibility Dissolution Step #4:

Lock N Load

Set your sights on the impossible, choose whatever means you feel like to get there. And just do it. If you’ve followed each step to this point, then this will be easy to do. If you are firmly rooted in your spiritual depths and your physical body is strong and being nourished in all ways. Then you’ll be itching to get on with it. At this point, all philosophizing, reading, thinking and writing that do not bring you directly to accomplishing the impossible should only be used in order to follow step #2. Which is to keep your body, mind and spirit healthy and at the top of your priority.

Impossibility Dissolution Step #5:

Don’t Waste Your Power on Gibber Jabber

Gibber Jabber (mindless chat and talk) is the biggest deterrent to cultivating the necessary personal power to accomplishing the impossible. If it doesn’t serve your mission, or doesn’t uplift you in some way, avoid talking to people about accomplishing the impossible. Sometimes though, it may be fun to mention it to boost your spirits, in which case you will be simply following step 2. By all means, enjoy talking and connecting with people. But remain conscious. Remember your deepest spiritual mission – and speak and connect with that intention in mind.

Impossibility Dissolution Step #6:

Do Whatever It Takes

To accomplish the impossible, you will certainly meet all kinds of barriers along the way. Some will appear to be external, others will be obviously internal. If you have to spend 4 months sleeping only 4 hours a night, then do that. (As long as you don’t compromise Step 1 and 2). If you have to take longer than expected because more work is required and you have to spend more money on massages and vitamins to keep your body in good health… then do that. If you have to lie, cheat and steal. Do that, as long as you DON’T hurt anyone, particularly your own spirit. Lying, cheating and stealing should never be done out of ego or out of unconsciousness. To make sure you don’t mess up Step 1, you must always remain in full integrity. However, for some people lying, cheating and stealing is in full integrity. Personally, I don’t advocate lying, cheating and stealing – but what do I know? I’m sure it’s appropriate at times. In order to circumvent any tendencies toward unethical actions, I recommend holding FULL responsibility or the consequences of each and every action you decide to take. If you lie, be honest enough to admit that. If you can’t admit your dishonesty, then you have no business lying in the first place.

Impossibility Dissolution Step #7:

Let your spirit flow free and surrender to the journey

No matter where you go, there you are. No matter what impossibility you turn into a possibility and then into a reality. You’ll just be wherever you are. Your life is nothing more than a bunch of different scenes passing in front of you. With different characters, different sounds, different feelings, different emotions, thoughts, ups, downs, speeds, tempos, lights and meanings. It’s all impermanent. It all ends up at the same place. We all end up six feet under. So follow each step and let your spirit flow free, abandon yourself to the utter peace of observing and experiencing the moment, fully detached. And before you know it, you will have accomplished the impossible.

And at that point, you’ll realize – again – that you are just experiencing another now moment. The impossible isn’t any more special or sacred than any other moment.


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