Illuminating who you really are

The truth is that EVERYTHING we do has significance beyond our comprehension. Everything we do ripples throughout and changes the entire universe. Yet, Life itself is left unaffected by our doings, comings and goings. Ultimately most of what do amounts to pure folly. Just endless cycling, endless reincarnation. Going through the same pattern, again and again, each round thinking that it’s different. Each round gives us a new wrinkle, reaffirming our true illusions, locking or bodies and minds into a slow death.


It is only by stopping the endless burning of desire. Only by locking down the crazed demon that possesses our soul into punishing ourselves day in and day out. Only by ruthlessly and stubbornly killing our own strongest urges, strongest tendencies and unconscious reactions, each and every moment, killing them – again and again – can we create enough friction to spark the fire from within. And burn the pain away in blissful enlightenment. In complete surrender to the endless search for the very thing inside us that never left. Then love awakens every cell. Penetrates every density. Illuminating our true destiny. Who you really are.

                                                                                –  Blaise


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