A Warrior’s Best Advisor: Death

“It is the destiny of all of life to seek out knowledge and to have power, bu there is absolutely no way any of us can have power other that to claim it.  The only way in which we can claim our power is for us to be presented with challenges which we have to face and overcome.  Obviously the amount of power which a challenge will yield is proportionate to the intensity of the challenge.  Easy challenges yield only a little power, but difficult challenges, especially those which threaten our survival in one way or another, yield the greatest amount of power.  Therefore, for the warrior, death and its allies are not a curse, but simply forces which guide him to ever greater heights of personal power.  It is for this reason that the warrior looks upon death as his best advisor.

The only protection the warrior has against the arrows of the sharpshooters of the universe is the Warrior’s Shield.  Which has four components.

1)  Wide Awake

2) Fear

3) Respect

4) Fully Assured

Being wide awake to the fact that his death is stalking him, the warrior uses his fear to keep him on his toes, and having a healthy respect for all of life around him, the warrior sets about living his life as strategically as he possibly can.  Being fully assured that, provided he remains impeccable in his endeavours, his fate must and will unfold to guide him, the warrior adapts his actions, physical, emotional and mental, so that he can use his shield effectively against the arrows of the sharpshooters.”

—  From The Cry of The Eagle; Toltec Teachings Volume II, by Theun Mares


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