The duck is a duck

The Buddha’s teaching states that there is no better means to overcome suffering than to see that “this is not me, this is not mine, this is not myself.” But when suffering arises we simply cry over it without learning from it. Why is that so? We must take a good hard look at these things. The duck is a duck, the chicken is a chicken. When you see rightly there is no problem. If you want the duck to be a chicken and the chicken to be a duck you are really going to suffer. In the same way we must realize all things are impermanent. If you want things to be permanent you’re going to suffer. Whenever impermanence shows itself you’re going to be disappointed. One who sees that things are naturally impermanent will be at ease, there will be no conflict. The one who wants things to be permanent is going to have conflict, maybe even lose sleep over it.   –  Ajahn Chah


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