The Dance of the Warrior

The impeccable Warrior does in fact dance in the most real sense of the word.  In this dance intelligence is his music, emotion is the colour of his costume, carefully cut to portray his intent.  Fate itself guides the warrior in choreographing those steps which enable him to move his assemblage point, so as to dance across the stage of life with ease, grace, and dignity.  Sound, colour, and movement are truly the three magical qualities which make up the warrior, that being who has learned that life is not a burden, but in reality a most stupendous dance of innovation and creation.  Rejoicing in this knowledge, the warrior spins across the stage of life; sometimes leaping for joy; sometimes moving slowly, gently, to the sad refrain of heartfelt tears.  In this dance, light and shade blend one into the other to create one exhilarating sequence after another, each sequence spinning the warrior higher and higher into ever more profound levels of awareness and freedom.

–  Excerpt from The Cry of The Eagle, by Theun Mares


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