The Pain of Awakening

While you pursue the needless senses of one-time gratification

The thrill of the hunt

Killing for vanity

Thrashing for the rush of adrenaline

Caught in the endless cycle of mindless consumption

One drink after another

Until every bit of your love and blood is drunk

Leaving you as nothing but a shell of what once was

Exposing the truth and lie of what could have been

Ordained and crucified  in one single shot

Killing 2 doves with a senseless toss

Dying with pleasure

In the lap of pain

Dreaming on drugs

A nightmare so mingled and mangled

That refuge never awakes

Alas my love

There is always an escape route

‘Tis within the heart of pain

That you run so deftly from

Take a deep breath

And cushion the pain no longer

Awakening will hurt

Like a chisel hammering the stone wall around your heart

And grinding the layers of sleep buildup that hide your eyes


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