What a Man Wants Most

A man wants to give love.

A man wants to receive rejuvenation and admiration from his woman.

The very nature of men is extreme sensitivity. All men are incredibly sensitive at their essence. A man wants to be admired above all. He wants to feel as if his woman trusts him, admires him, and will follow his direction over her own. However, what must be remembered is that it his his spiritual and emotional direction that is the most important direction for his woman to follow and trust. Spiritual does not mean religious. It doesn’t matter if the man follows a particular faith, tradition or practice and his woman does not. Spiritual direction is living proof. It is an example that the male sets, embodies and lives. Words are always cheap… And most women are easily fooled by a few words and a confident posture and demeanor. Worst off, women are fooled by fewer words and a stand-offish and unavailable posture with a few moments of tender affection and attention thrown in. However, neither of these indicate truth depth, true spiritual direction.

As a matter of fact, true spiritual direction only becomes apparent when the male is in his edge. When push comes to shove. When a crisis appears – it is only then that the masculine reveals whether his spiritual and emotional direction was pretentious or whether it is real. That is why a true male’s, or a superior man’s, woman will test him. She wants to see if his heart is truly rooted in spiritual and emotional depth. Or whether he’s just faking it, like she fakes her orgasms. If your woman fakes her orgasms, then you are faking your inner direction. However, just because you may have enough sexual skill, or she is sufficiently sexually open, for her to have a real orgasm, it doesn’t mean that you are honest in your inner direction.

The truth is that for a man to live his purpose, within and without, is usually the most terrifying action he can take. Because by it’s very nature, he must step fully into the unknown, blindly, with a vulnerable heart. To do so, the man must be open to being bled. Ready to have his most authentic and open expressions get coldly and cruelly rejected. For the man to follow his purpose, he must be ready and willing to be hurt. He must be ready to cast aside the comfort of his mother’s bosom. And reject his father’s good but outdated intentions. If he has a woman intimate partner, he must be willing to lose her. He must be willing to lose everything. Because only by letting everything go – by detaching completely from the end results – and keeping his focus on “what action will best serve my deepest heart’s purpose NOW?” will he do it. His spiritual purpose lies beyond forms, within Spirit.

The worst part is that he will NEVER get recognition for the good he does. In following this path, he naturally, inevitably and consciously chooses actions that uplift and empower those around him. Because he lives in full inclusiveness and fights against separative tendencies. He knows in his heart that not only is all life fully connected and interdependent, but that the world is a mirror of him. He is everything and everything is him. All the negative that he sees in the world is a reflection of his own dark side. And all the good and great he sees in the world is a reflection of his inner light and unlimited potential.

So everyday, a man who’s purpose is to live his purpose and be a model of the spiritual path for the world – enters into a battle. A battle against his own inert tendencies. And moves beyond that to love without bounds. Never expecting love in return. Loving unconditionally. And if he lives this path, his woman will admire him, and he will have all that he wants. However, if he gets attached to this admiration or takes it for granted, he has failed to live his purpose – and he suffers instead of loves.

A man who lives this path wants to be admired by his woman. He needs a woman who will nurture him and really feels the depth of his struggle. As such, she is there to rejuvenate him, care for him. Not as a mother, but as his feminine counterpart. She gives him life. She gives reason and meaning to his purpose. His purpose is empty without her radiance and warmth. Without accepting or receiving the feminine rejuvenation – he will slowly deplete his life’s energy and be thoroughly unhappy and dissatisfied. This does not mean that he needs a woman intimate partner. He can rejuvenate through nature hikes, massages, dancing, spending social time with women. But deep down, all men want an intimate female partner who will rejuvenate them in ways that he can’t himself, because she knows him better than he knows himself. Such a man wants a woman who understands that he is a weary warrior – doing his best to continue while getting painfully rejected and hurt day after day in his struggle to live his purpose. Only when a man’s woman feels and knows this, will she be able to offer him the gifts of her femininity that he craves so deeply. And she will only be able to do this if she trusts his deep inner spiritual direction more than her own. And of course, she must have evolved beyond her own endless selfish desires to have her ego’s needs met, and lives to give love, rather than to receive short lived pleasures and superficial mind-based satisfactions. We’re talking about a woman who is following and trusting the spiritual path deeper and more consistently than her own emotional and mental direction.

To love all, never holding back, never expecting anything in return, within and through all pain – is the way of the enlightened masculine.


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