Freedom and Love

Freedom comes from within. And most people are not free at all, but bound by their endless desire for material things, drama, a false idea of love and endless distractions. Most people mistake freedom as the ability to indulge in the addictions of their ego. Just as most people mistake love for possessiveness and emotional clinging. Love is something that exists within us all, something for us to give, but it’s never something to get. It can never be possessed or desired. The moment you want it, it becomes unattainable. But if you know that you are love, then you feel it and can share it. Just like freedom. The moment you seek it, the moment you want to do something to get it, it becomes out of our reach. Freedom becomes a goal, a goal which enslaves you.

– Blaise


11 Responses

  1. very well written. Please allow me to re-post it on my blog.

    my blog:

    Thanks very much

  2. “Most people mistake freedom as the ability to indulge in the addictions of their ego.”
    Perhaps lust leads to love…remember, ego helps distinguish from fantasy and reality…

  3. that’s why St.Paul says “that which I should do, I don’t do….and that which I do…(sometimes) I don’t do…” go figure…you are strong…

  4. freedom should come from the ability to no longer make it a semantic in the world of nations…and not to pay for ONE…glory revisited…the world of thing’s shouldn’t be unnecessarily dismissed…character individualized is a factual stance and you are in your rite…good company…

  5. conventionally there are many people who want things that they haven’t always had…and they like “those thing’s”…true going beyond them is good…precious medals should be smelted not summarily cast away…those metals become stronger every year they are smelted down…the bounty should be had in what those things can be recovered…I agree …beautiful progeny…

  6. cool

    nice post, i like this one


    (in indonesian) : wah, tulisan tentang cinta yg lumayan keren, bisa buat referensi.

  7. i liked your perception about love

  8. […] Freedom and Love I read a nice text here: […]

  9. I love this entry! It’s so true and so beautiful! 🙂 It’s nice to see such a cosy blog! 🙂

  10. Thanks Blaise,
    Your post today has been a beautifully timed affirmation to what I have known in my heart for a long time. I look forward to seeing what else you are sharing with this world.

  11. I second Paul’s comments (real original, I know!). I’m glad you were a featured blog on WordPress today, otherwise I wouldn’t have found you! Can’t wait to see what’s next.

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