Just a Moment With You

And if you and I could buy again
Would we?

Or would we reject the faulty wares
From the Merchant
Selling us hope and dreams
Knowing in our heart that we were purchasing pain and suffering
For brief glimpses of the love
That seduced us in songs and poems
The longing for the piece that was taken from us by our parents
Leaving us blind and hungry
Pursuing anything that smells like that thing we lost
The feeling of being whole again
Of not being lost anymore

That we would sell everything
Give our last vestige of holdings
For a taste of the cure
Knowing deep inside that it’s transient
That all is impermanent
But knowing too
Deeply seated in our souls
In our memories of what it is to be a child
That all we have is the moment’s bliss
That a single moment of beautiful connection
Of resting in the peace of finding our lost part
Even only a second with you filling the emptiness in me
Is worth more than anything attainable in this world.

For in that one single moment
That our eyes’ light shine in the same sparkle
And our breath is moved by one breath beyond you or i
That a stillness enters our hearts
Radiating a light that sees itself in the mirror
A smile is shallow next to that depth of abyssful surrender

Just a moment
Worth more than all the gold in the world
No amount of riches
Touch the essential tenderness of this one moment

As fragile as a spark of fire in the deep purple of midnight
As forever as that thing etched between the fabric of our thoughts.


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  1. Not bad…

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