Choosing Possibilities

We can never avoid consequences. When there is a snake on the road, and we don’t watch where we’re walking, we will feel the pain of it’s bite when we step on it. I often see that snake, but deny it’s existence, only to step on it and wonder why I didn’t just avoid it. I console myself by telling myself that I must have needed to feel the pain of the snake bite in order to learn to trust my eyes. I tell myself that I needed to learn that a path wasn’t my path with heart even though my intuition already told me so. But my desires didn’t want to “miss out”.
But who knows? In a universe of endless possibilities, we ALWAYS have to choose one of them in every moment, discarding all the others, which will forever keep their secrets locked away. We can look back and wonder “what if”. Or we can open to the present moment as it is.

All possibilities lead nowhere. Only possibilities with heart are chosen by the warrior devoted to freedom.

Although as Theun Mares warns: “You must ALWAYS listen to and follow your heart. But you should also take CARE that you do not inadvertently INTERPRET what your heart is telling you so as to fit it into your view of the world your perception.”

– Blaise


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