Massacring The Meaning Of Life

There are only 3 truths in life as far as I can tell…

  1. Life is
  2. Forms are impermanent
  3. Energy exists between opposite polarities

Everything else is just made up.

Human existence is totally fucked up – and we could come up with all kinds of mumbo jumbo theories to explain that.  But in 200 years will any of it matter?  Does our menial human existence really matter while we are hurled through space on this gigantic living sphere at 47,000 miles a second?  Really, we are just shuffling back and forth and in circles fooling ourselves that anything we do has any significance whatsoever…

Be love my woman… That’s the only thing that’s real.  Love is vulnerable, love is a terror, love is ruthless, love is raw.

Nothing will give us anything.  So everything is just as means of giving something.

Each second squeezed from our life is a moment of giving…

What are you giving?

–  Blaise


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