I am Blaise. A man who loves the fullness of life, knowing that death is always two feet away. But until my death comes, I live my purpose. I express the depth of passion that sits in the nameless void deep within me. As it stirs, it fills my heart – and overflows until my expression cannot be held back. I drink up the unlimited moment. Feasting my heart on space and time. Devouring this passing fleeting eternal now. Knowing that it is always gone, and forever just here.

I couldn’t hold back the truth within me any longer. The ugly dark that fills half my soul rebelled against it’s exile. And the creation of this space was manifest to marry my spirit in darkness and light. Let the angels make love with the devils – and bring peace within this garden some mistake as reality. Instead, my friend – take heed of my experience and know this: Within you exists two truths – each opposing, each undeniably correct. Only through the eternal struggle of relationship will you find the meaning of peace and love mirrored back at the deepest part of your soul. But, only if you are looking my friend. Only if you are looking…


5 Responses

  1. How beautifully said. The Quran teaches us so…………but I have just opened the book!
    Keep writing!

  2. Curious blog. Check us out. Cheers, c

  3. you are beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Wow…

  5. Very beautiful. I will be adding your blog on my list of interesting blogs.

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